Sk8 Meet-upp Amsterdam Sk8Jam

13 april 2024

Time to roll on the 13th of April at Roller Planet! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest news and updates!

A party is incoming! And where can you party better than at the rink of Roller Planet? Together with Sk8 Meet-upp Amsterdam we organize a party you will never forget. We have the coolest DJ’s and the best workshop hosts to make the night unforgettable!

Let's get this party started!

Because of the great succes of the New Years Sk8Jam we want to give you an even better party. Can you feel the groove already? Get your tickets here!

Workshops by Frankie J and Jembigjem

You can do multiple workshops and combine it with the main event!
All Level Workshop by Jembigjem: 17.30 till 19.00
Intermediate Workshop by Jembigjem: 19.00 till 20.30
All level Workshop by Frankie J: 20.30 till 22.00
Tickets from € 30,-

1x Workshop
2x Workshop
3x Workshop

Sk8 Meet-upp Amsterdam Sk8Jam

With DJ Andy Jonathans, The Red Dread House Head and DJ Stayfun
From 22.00 till 02.00
Ticket € 17,50



You can combine your workshop with the main skate event in the booking of the workshops. That’s the way the combi is made.
1x workshop + Sk8Jam = € 45,-

2x workshop + Sk8Jam = € 60,-
3x workshop + Sk8Jam = € 70,-

Combi 1x workshop
Combi 2x workshop
Combi 3x workshop

Workshops by Frankie J and Jembigjem

Would you like to join the workshops? You can! From 17.30 till 22.00 we provide the best workshops, you’ll learn the best rollerskate skills for a groovy party from a professional rollerskater. You’ll learn technique, balance, and many more skate skills based on music and dance.